Q (from @cloudnthings on Twitter):

My question is who verifies that my date of birth is my date of birth? Do I not have to go to a 3rd party (eg notary)? because who is going to believe my “self-sovereign identity” if it hasn’t been proved/verified by anyone?

If I do go to a 3rd party, am I not back to the original problem [of centralized identity providers]?

A: In a narrow sense, yes. However, the difference is that when you have a self-sovereign identity platform like uPort you have full flexibility to choose who you trust, and you can trust different identities or authorities for different things.

For instance, if I live in the US I could have the DMV attest to my credentials, and if I later move to Estonia and become a citizen I could use the same identity but with a different attestation from the Estonian government which would allow me to vote.

With a normal identity provider (say a Certificate Authority) you are more or less stuck in the trust boundary of that authority and do not have the same flexibility.

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