Test App is a simple dApp made by the uPort team that allows individuals to publish verified status updates. (You can think of it like verified tweet.) Click the button below to test uPort on on Test App!


Step 0: Download uPort

  1. Download the uPort mobile app. If you haven't, you can sign up for the waitlist HERE.

Step 1: Log-In

  1. Head to testapp.uport.me.
  2. Click "Connect uPort" to generate a QR code on screen. (This QR code is generated by uport-lib.)
  3. Scan the QR code with the uPort mobile app to log-in.  If you're on a mobile browser, you will not see a QR code, you will instead be redirected back to the uPort app.
  4.  Approve the transaction card that appears on the uPort mobile app. Test App is requesting to see your uPort Ethereum address, name, and profile photo.
  5. You have successfully logged-in to Test App using uPort! You can confirm that your address is correct by comparing it to the one found in the "Settings" section of your uPort mobile app. (Home >> Identity >> Settings >> Developer Tools)

Step 2: Perform Ethereum Transaction

  1. Type a status into the form field, and click "Set new status!"
  2. Scan the QR code generated with your uPort mobile app. (The QR code encodes the details of your blockchain transaction, and scanning it imports it to your device for signing.) In the very near future, this step will be eliminated and the transaction will be automatically pushed to your device.
  3. Examine the transaction card generated on your device to confirm the details of your status update. Click "Approve" to authorize.
  4. Provide your fingerprint to access the secure enclave in your device, and sign the transaction with your private key.
  5. See the status of your blockchain transaction in real-time right from the transaction card, and watch as it confirms.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed a real Ethereum transaction using uPort :)

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