uPort is a self-sovereign digital identity system for decentralized applications, networks, and societies.

uPort is a self-sovereign identity system that allows people to own their identity, fully control the flow of their personal information, and authenticate themselves in various contexts - both on and off blockchain. We like to think of our app as a mobile identity and credential wallet. We believe it will be the primary way that people interact with blockchains. 

uPort consists of four components:

  1. Mobile Application: end-user mobile identity key and credential wallet
  2. Developer Libraries: open source libraries allow for easy integration of uPort with decentralized applications and traditional digital service providers
  3. Smart Contracts: open source smart contracts form the foundation of the uPort system; includes identity contracts (proxy contracts), access control and account recovery contracts (controller contracts), and storage mapping contracts (registry contract)
  4. Developer Tools: technical and educational resources for developers aimed at making building on uPort's platform easy and quick
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